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Balanced  Training 


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Balanced Dog Training?

As Balanced Dog Trainers we focus on building a relationship and a line of communication with your dog that will last forever. We used science based methods focused on operant conditioning during our training. We are able to give you results in a REAL WORLD setting with realistic time frames, not just in controlled settings.  We work with your dog's individual psychology, and personalized our programs around your goals, and living environment. 

2. What program should I choose?

 When choosing a program there are a few things you should consider: How much time do you have to practice? What goals do you have for your dog? What type of dog do you have - easy going, very active, puppy....?  All of these factors play a key role when choosing the right program. Each program has set commands, exercises, and scheduling. All programs are layered in a well suited formula for helping dogs learn in an effective manner. During your consultation we will evaluate your dog and discuss all these factors to help you choose a program that fits for your family. 

3.  What happens if I do not get the desired results I am seeking for my dog. Is there a guarantee on your training? 

There are many factors that play major roles when it comes to training a dog successfully - consistency, dedication, patience, proper tools, proper communication, accountability... with a combination of all of these factors there will be success with our training and wonderful transformations. We take our training very seriously and are very passionate about helping animals and have their best interest in mind. With all that said we only work with dedicated owners, who are dedicated to their dogs, understand the importance of practice, application, accountability, and commitment. During your consultation we discuss our philosophy, methods, and expectations we have for you as an owner. From the very beginning we dedicate ourselves to you and your dog. We will help you with any challenges you are experiencing, and will meet and push to exceed any expectations you have. 

4. What tools do you use and why?

As Balanced Dog Trainers we understand how your dog's psychology works, thus knowing how your dog learns. Through tools we communicate to your dog with operante conditioning. 

These are the tools we use in training, and why we use them:

Owners: YOU are the most important tool, without your dedication and commitment we cannot achieve maximum success with your dog

Slip leads, long leads, leashes: for guiding, safety, and reinforcing commands

Treats, affection, toys, verbal praise: for motiving, rewarding, and conditioning wanted behavior

Training collars: for communicating safely, reliably, humanely, and effectively with the least amount of physical stress on you and your dog

Our bodies: for focusing, and redirecting with body pressure 

Surrounding environments: for real world distractions, and day-to-day activities 

*** We use a variety of tools for helping shape your dog's behavior and maximizing his/her skills. Each dog has different motivations, drives, and triggers. We modify our formulas to fit the mold of each dog we train. 

5. What makes your program different from other trainers?

We are Balanced Trainers and use science based methods for training dogs. Our science based methods are rooted from Pavlov's psychological conditioning  by working with unconditioned and conditioned stimulus. Within our programs use a variety of reliable tools to mold the mind set of your dog. With our training we aim for eliminating unwanted behavior, shaping wanted behavior, teaching your dog how to make good choices, implementing healthy habits, and teaching you how to effectively communicate to your dog. Once this is achieved you can communicate to your dog for a lifetime! After completing our program you can continue to teach your dog in new environments and have fun in the world alongside your furry pal!